Woman on power!

21st century, are women and men at the same level currently? It is a pity, but the answer is definitively still NO. Having a look of our world, it could be said, that the say that drives the communism, “we are all equals, but some more equals than the others” is still true.

As Nicholas Kristof, columnist of The New York Times summarized in a very witty sentence: “Lehman Brothers, one of the banks that sank, would have gone better as Lehman Brothers..and Sisters”. It is a funny way to criticize the Board of the Directors, the top management team, and a true that reflects a big problem in the finance environment.

One of the biggest critics that is quite often made to the banks and big companies that failed in the 90s, for instance Enron and WorldCom, is that they have a very homogenous board of directors; white men, between 55-65, middle class, same origin, same schools and colleges…In a dynamic world like ours, diversity is richness, so a good mixture will develop in the best recipe to cook the cake of the power!

It is not asked to treat women better than men, but to received same treatment, same salary, and not to be judged for the fact of being a woman.

It is always room for a better future, and we, as part of this society, have the power to make the change real. Women have got an incredible increase of power in the last decades, although it is not enough.